We help spreading our culture and develop our network

The Marketing division carries on a transversal activity of cooperation with all the other Build It Up divisions.

We promote the association and its activities, on an international and national level through different online (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) and offline marketing channels, to help young entrepreneurs all over the country and to make Build It Up a point of reference.


In particular, the purpose of the marketing division is to give visibility to the activities, events and achievements of our teams, to the start-ups that we follow, the associates, the investors and the Build It Up alumni, inside and outside the association.


Looking at numbers, in the last 3 years our social profiles have grown exponentially both regarding interactions and likes, with 700 new likes in the last year (+25%) for the Facebook page. The key of our positive results is a strong presence and valorisation of the association activities, of the enthusiasm of each team and the fundamental teamwork beyond every initiative.



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1000+ followers


Creation of an Instagram base of users (in sinergy with the other profiles) 

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