Propose your idea!

Fill in the form to access to our 4/8-months acceleration program

Each startup receives a complete support from our team for the development of its own business and will have access to the Build It Up’s network that, in the last 7 years, has financed our startups with more than 1.8 million euro.

Phase 1

Propose your idea

Have you an idea for a startup? Fill in the Google Form and propose it.

Immediately, the project will be protected by copyright. The contents of the form enable the entrepreneur to briefly explain her/his project.

Phase 3

Creation of the team and support for the entrepreneur

In the case in which the idea is selected, Build It Up will create a team made of students and professionals which will help the entrepreneur to structure and develop the idea. The team will support the entrepreneur throughout periodic meetings with the objective of verifying the progress of work and carrying out discussion phases and brand storming.

Phase 2

Idea evaluation

The sent document will be carefully evaluated by Build It Up's board, who is responsible for the analysis of potentialities and possible critical issues related to the development of the idea. At the end, you might be contacted for a meeting.

Phase 4

Networking & fund raising

Once completed the analysis, Build It Up will provide its network and will give the chance to attend the annual “Investors Table” to enable the project to obtain the necessary founding to reach the implementation and transformation in startup. In fact, Build It Up has numerous contacts with national and international incubators, as well as potential investors and business angels.

1.8 million euro provided by our network