Business Development division

The Sponsorship – Business Development division is in charge of defining, maintaining and consolidating the sponsorship plan with our actual and potential sponsors, and of managing and reinforcing the relationships with all partners of Build It Up. Our growth is achieved thanks to the continuous extension of our network and the relationships that we have created. In fact, we recognise their primary importance for the future of Build It Up.

  • 5Lion Holdings is an American investment holding company with interest all over the world. For 3 years it works with Build It Up for the scouting process in Western Europe. Thanks to Build It Up, Horus Technology received more than 1M$ funding, first European investment of 5Lion Holdings. This event has strengthened a unique strategic collaboration praxis with Build It Up.


From this perspective, one of the projects of this team, will be focused on 5Lion Holdings which, for the first time, will promote a contest dedicated to our association: the “Build It Up Pitch Competition, powered by 5Lion Holdings”. During the event, some selected entrepreneurs will have the possibility to win a special price and create a privileged relationship with our main sponsor, pitching their idea of startup in front of the jury of the event.

  • Gruppo Finalto supports Build It Up since its foundation and, thanks to its precious help we have succeeded in achieving ever more important results. A rightful thanks is given to this fruitful partnership without which Build It Up would not be the association it is today.  


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Enlarge the borders of the association towards a more international perspective

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Creation of collaborations with foreign incubators

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Participation to events able to facilitate the growth of the association

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Events division

The Events – Business Development division, was born with the willingness to create a sense of community among all Build It Up’s associates and with the goal of giving continuity to the work done year after year through the help of thousands of students.  


Everything began 2 years ago, when an aperitif among associates became a real opportunity of meeting not only for the associates, but especially for some Alumni passing by Turin. Thanks to this event, we understood the necessity to move our first steps to spread the importance of having a division dedicated to this: bringing together associates and stakeholders of the association.

Each year, Build It Up consists of more than 70 associates,  at least 6 startups with entrepreneurs and team members, sponsors, investors, Alumni and startups that have collaborated with us in the past. An ever-growing number of people who will contribute to voice the history of the association, told during our events!


Since last year, Build It Up has organised 4 events, two internal and two opened to startups, dedicated to the creation of new collaborations and partnerships. Thanks to our commitment, we have enabled the integration among the different divisions and the creation of a solid and long-lasting network.


Our objective is to promote internal relationships among associates and give them the opportunity to grow, personally and professionally, and at the same time enlarge our network, reaching everyone who wants to support with passion our association, in Italy and, why not, abroad!


Here some pictures taken during our events

Pranzo Langhe 2019
Pranzo Langhe 2019

Cena Natale 2019
Cena Natale 2019

Start It Up 2017
Start It Up 2017

Pranzo Langhe 2019
Pranzo Langhe 2019


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