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Build It Up & 5Lion Ventures

Vi presentiamo HoloMe, l'innovativa startup che porta la realtà aumentata nel mondo del retail!

Greetings from Build It Up!


Augmented Reality in a Retail Environment

Here we are with the new post about 5Lion Ventures and the exciting world of Venture Capital.


As a little reminder from the previous post, the mission of this early-stage investment company is to “invest in disruptive ideas and in the people behind them”, a promise kept by selecting some of the most promising start-ups in the world. This was the case with HoloMe, the innovative start-up winner of the Best use of AR at the 2018 Digital Entrepreneur Awards.

Logo HoloMe

HoloMe is an Augmented Reality company which adds a digital layer to our world, founded in London after 4 years of intensive research and development. What does that mean? Well, let me show you something: try watching the video below. Have you noticed something strange? If not, then try again. Let me give you a little hint: where does the girl come from? From the left? From the right? Or maybe does she just appear magically on the screen? This is one of the main applications of Augmented Reality: making things (and people!) appear in places where they actually are not. Have you ever tried hunting Pikachu in PokémonGo? Unless you happened to see the real Pikachu strolling around Central Park… your experience was an Augmented Reality one!

You’re thinking “how is it possible?” … well, thanks to the work of the HoloMe team, companies are now capable of providing their customers with “augmented” (but “realistic”) experiences on their mobile phones. HoloMe has already worked on several projects with the world’s leading companies, such as H&M, Education First and, through their work with the fashion brand RIXO London, they created the first ever “virtual” catwalk. Users saw digital models walking on their screens, as if the runway was just in front of them. This revolutionary event attracted notable press, such as Forbes and the Sunday Times (if you are interested you can read more about it here ;) ).


The potential for Augmented Reality technology is huge. Think for example of how it could be leveraged by digital marketers to communicate more personally with their audience, by educators teaching without boundaries, by tourism to upgrade travelers’ experiences… it really is endless! Making 5Lion and HoloMe’s partnership a very exciting one!


Stay tuned for other news on 5Lion and all the best from Build It Up!

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