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Build It Up 2021/2022 | Shape your future

Build It Up team welcomes you in our recruitment process! 
Thank you for taking the time for applying today. That is the best choice you could do!

Indeed Build It Up is one of the leading Turin based student association with a 8-year history, more that 400 associates in more than 10 countries, 1.7M€ in Start-Up first round investments, more than 40 business games organized and a 40 professionals network. We are the way to build your future up, and we are looking forward to having you in the team!


Good luck!

If you face any issue, do not hesitate to write an email to

In the unlucky event you incur in some problems in attaching the CV, please follow these simple instructions:
1) Try to follow the procedure through our website again, attaching a normal PDF (not zipped)
2) In case of failure, please browse our website using Google Chrome or a different searching engine from the one you are currently using 
3) If neither the points 1 and 2 seem to work, don't panic! Answer the questions of this submission form in a Word file.

We will be glad to receive both your Word and your CV by email (Subject to use: Name SURNAME_1st Choice).

Thank you!

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